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Bright Computing Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CEO: Bill Wagner

Bright Computing provides comprehensive software solutions for provisioning and managing clusters of servers.

The company’s flagship product — Bright Cluster Manager — removes the complexity from the installation, management and use of clusters, without compromising performance or capability. Bright's solution reduces Total Cost of Ownership of clusters through dramatically reduced time spent on the installation and management of clusters, as well as increased efficiency, increased insight, reduced down-time, and increased performance.

Bright Computing's platform enables managing HPC clusters (High-Performance Computing), Hadoop clusters (big data processing platform), and OpenStack private clouds (cloud computing platform) in an on-premise data center or in the cloud.

Founded in 2009, Bright Cluster Manager is now being used at over 400 customers, including more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, leading government labs, and research institutes. The company has partnered with Dell, Cisco, Cray, HP and other technology leaders in bringing Bright Cluster Manager to their customers.

The company has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with an office in San José, California.