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Newcastle, United Kingdom
CEO: Darren Jobling

Eutechnyx is a world leading developer of racing and driving video games.

The company is recognised as one of the world’s leading racing game developers having developed for leading driving brands and for many of the world’s top 10 video game publishers.

Over the many years Eutechnyx has been developing racing games, they have created a range of proprietary software used in both developing racing games and for creating an optimum and differentiated gaming experience for players. These tools and experience are at the centre of “Auto Club Revolution” (ACR), its first, free to play, multi-player online racing game.

ACR is based on racing real cars on real tracks. Players can purchase and customize their favorite cars and race against friends and other players online in a variety of races, competitions and events. ACR also has a strong community appeal and Eutechnyx is engaged with many automotive manufacturers who are interested in utilizing ACR as a platform for connecting directly to target consumers.

Eutechnyx has its headquarters in Newcastle, UK, with offices in Chengdu (China) and Hong Kong.