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Forcare Zeist, The Netherlands
CEO: Harm-Jan Wessels

Forcare provides software solutions for Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a network, allowing customers to exchange medical data to support key clinical processes. Examples include imaging networks, referral networks and communication to GPs. An HIE can be built around a single hospital, or can cover a regional or national group of healthcare institutions.

Key benefits of Health Information Exchanges are:

  • Improving the quality of care by instant access to clinical information, inside and outside the healthcare institution;
  • Improving efficiency in care processes, saving time (instant access) and cost (time, transport);
  • Securing relationships with your clinical partners by providing a highly-valued information system, which supports their work flows;
  • Providing patient-centric information access, demonstrating to your patients that care professionals spent their time caring about them – not chasing information.

Forcare operates around the globe from its offices in Zeist (Netherlands) and Toronto (Canada).