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Boston, US
CEO: Derek Roos

Mendix provides rapid application development for the digital enterprise.

Mendix is the app platform as a service provider for the enterprise. It enables companies to rapidly build, integrate, deploy and share multi-device business applications faster and with better results, effectively driving ROI in days, not months. Users worldwide rely on the Mendix App Platform, delivering applications that improve employee productivity, enhance customer engagement, and streamline business processes and workflows.

The Mendix App Platform has been recognised by leading analyst firms, including Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. In an independent benchmark study, QSM (Quantitative Software Management) compared a representative set of Mendix projects with the QSM industry benchmark of 12,000 projects. The results show Mendix outperforming traditional development methods, delivering 6 times higher productivity than the industry benchmark.

Founded in 2005 in The Netherlands, Mendix is now a global company with offices in the US, UK and The Netherlands.