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Paris, France
CEO: Jérôme Traisnel

SlimPay is a Payment Service Provider focused on SEPA Direct Debit.

With the advent of the SEPA Direct Debit scheme, SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area, it’s now possible to take Direct Debit payments from across the SEPA countries using one single bank account.

With SlimPay, companies and organizations can easily set up subscription offers to customers and collect recurring payments more efficiently. SlimPay’s solutions encourage subscriptions by providing a simple, multilingual and multichannel (e.g. internet, phone, store) product. Subscriptions increase customer loyalty and reduce the risks of payment incidents by offering secure payments via direct debit, or by combining direct debit and credit card payment.

SlimPay is an authorized payment institution accredited by the French Prudential and Resolution Supervisory Authority through the Banque de France.

SlimPay has its headquarters in Paris and offices in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.