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Zappistore Limited
London, United Kingdom
CEO: Stephen Philips

Zappi is a leading online market research platform that is changing the way that companies access consumer insight.

By automating the manual processes behind market research, Zappi’s platform enables clients and research agencies to capitalise on efficiencies unlocked by technology to buy and sell the highest quality research services, at lightning fast speed and at a low cost.

In partnership with many of the world’s leading research agencies, Zappi offers research products targeted at solving specific business issues ranging from new product development and pack testing, to creative development or brand equity monitoring. Zappi and their partners work with many of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. By offering great research in a matter of hours and in a very cost efficient way, they are also tapping into the small and mid-tier company worlds, previously ignored by traditional research companies.

Zappi was founded in 2010 and is based in London, UK.