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With hungry consumers can order their favourite takeaway food on the company's websites or through its mobile applications. Consumers have preferred thanks to the site's user-friendly concept, the free service, the vast choice of restaurants, and easy-to-use payment methods.

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Bright Computing

Bright Computing specializes in management software for clusters and clouds used in high performance computing (HPC), storage, databases, Hadoop, and OpenStack. Bright's integrated approach makes cluster management easy for DevOps and IT operations teams, while providing powerful and complete management capabilities for mission critical workloads.

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Through its mobile games marketing platform, AppLift helps mobile game advertisers acquire loyal, quality gaming users at scale on a CPI basis. On the supply side, the company offers media partners to easily and effectively monetize their traffic with relevant game offers, on both iOS and Android.

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Service2Media is the leading provider of Advanced App Solutions for smart phones, tablets and a range of emerging devices. The company's App Lifecycle Platform helps its customers to stay on top of Operating System fragmentation and device innovation. The company's concept is simple but compelling:"Design Apps Once – Deploy them on Multiple Devices"

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Eutechnyx is a developer of video games, specializing in developing racing / driving games. The company is recognised as one of the world's leading racing game developers having developed for leading driving brands and for many of the world's top 10 video game publishers.

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IPDIA is a spin-out from NXP, a leading European semiconductor company, which itself is a 2006 spin-out from Philips. With its patented and leading PICS technology, IPDIA integrates up to hundreds of passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes, present in any electronic circuit) in a single silicon die, creating an Integrated Passive Device (IPD).

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Prime Ventures is a leading venture capital and growth equity firm focusing on investing in European companies in the technology and related industries and leverages its capital, experience and network to actively guide them into global category leaders.

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December 2014

We are looking to hire an Associate in our Amsterdam office. Candidates should have strong academic credentials, preferably with a science or engineering background. Working experience, of at least 3 years and a maximum of 5 years, should include either investment banking, strategy consulting or an operational role in a technology driven start-up/high growth company.

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